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Valiant Force 2 | Global

Valiant Force 2 | Global

Valiant Force 2 | Global

Rie Ichinose


Graphics: 4/5
-Definitely better than the failed Shining Beyond, chibi character may make some people dislike it but it's decent enough.

Sound: 3/5
-Decent enough to not play the game in mute.

Gameplay: 5/5
-It's basicly an upgrade of the 1st Valiant Force game, bigger stage like FF Tactics,
-Aura is now global instead of the previous game,
-Level is locked behind Jobs and chapters cleared but it's not really going to make your life harder as long as you play your cards right and not blindly rush enemies, you won't even have issues with running a single R healer,
-Gears are also upgrade locked depending on their stars but it's not much of an issue early game,
-Star upgrades for character are the one thing you gotta save for, but not as much of a huge upgrade in stats.

Storyline: 3/5
-The story is decent enough to read, atleast it's better than the previous games.

Value: 3/5
-Decent enough for F2P players, you get roughly 150 to 450 currency per stage with 9 to 10 stage per chapters,
-Multipull costs 3000 currency.

Bugs and issues here and there, but the devs are actively fixing them, give them some time since theyre not an entirely big dev team unlike other big companies, atleast they have communicatiom with players via Discord.

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Valiant Force 2 Gameplay - Official Launch Android IOS: https://youtu.be/V3naeH54R8I



The game IS good, great artstyle and polished interface but I just can't seem to get into it. It might be because gacha has deep fried my brain and I only have a deep unsated gambling addiction now.

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