Tower of God: Great Journey | Global

Tower of God: Great Journey | Global

Tower of God: Great Journey | Global



the graphics is awesome

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This game is an example of the hardcore idle game from head to toe. From the got go, the progression rate is very slow and takes a lot of patience to move forward. The story mode is decent, but the repetitiveness gets boring than it should be. Character designs are impressive as it should be, and the music seems to be the best thing so far that the game can provide. The gacha rate is decent, but the problem lies in collecting gacha currency which feels too dull and grindy for f2p players. The game isn't bad, but it does deliver for being an idle genre. Other content is very "jump in and jump out" type of situation, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely a side game for those into the Tower of God. Otherwise, if you find something that fancys you, you might as well enjoy the game at your own pace.



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