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Bouncing Mushroom

Bouncing Mushroom




Honestly a really cute way to pass the time. Mushrooms are so cute ☆

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It's a fun and relaxing game but the stages gets a little repetitive after awhile. There's currently 50 mushrooms to be collected, the last 3 only obtainable by buying a special package. The other mushrooms can be obtained by completing stages or through login bonuses. There's too many ads (1 every 5 stages and each stage is quite short), but other than these, this is a recommended game to pass some time! Edit: In the new update, 25 new stove designs were added. You can only unlock stoves by watching ads, and for each stove you have to watch either 1, 2, 3 or 4 ads to unlock. After calculations, I found that you have to watch 62 ads in total (8×1 + 5×2 + 8×3 + 5×4). This is no doubt for the creators to make money, and there is nothing wrong with that but there could be other ways to unlock stoves instead of just watching ads.

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