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This is a game I keep deleting and redownloading a lot lol. I have mixed feelings about it, but overall it's a pretty decent game.

Since it's a dress-up game, clothes play a big part in it. Most of the clothing pieces and the designs are stunning. The rare event suits tend to be expensive, and it's very very hard to get them without spending money. For the crafted/story suits, you need to do a lot of farming, which can get annoying and the process feels painfully slow at times...

As for the stories... This game has storybooks, which are essentially shorter stories you play through. I like the general idea, and most of the stories are good. Ofc, some aren't as good and tend to be repetitive and boring. Also, idk if it's just me, but the lack of POC characters is just something that strikes me as weird... Like, it's so bad you can't ignore it.

But overall, this game has many unique aspects to it, so I do recommend trying it out if you are interested. See if you like it or not.

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Serene Toh


Grahpics and gameplay and storyline wise are good but there will be a lot of farming and patience needed for this game. Deleted a few times previously but still end up coming back to this game lol!



i know the rating is...not good, and my review is gonna be long, but hear me out, i actually do like this game even with all that, ok? this is a guilty pleasure for me, gotta be honest. Objectively? it's just as my rating displays, the graphics don't suck, but even by 3D standards, they aren't that good; the sound 1.while charming and really cute at first, gets repetitive real quick, and 2. while not unbearable to listen, does have more tracks and SFX that's just either nothing to write home about or slightly irritating; the gameplay is as what is to be expected from a dress up game, this types of games don't have a particularly engaging gameplay, but the appeal of these games isn't the gameplay, but playing dress up + the rest of the game's features, so it gets an "average"; the storyline/s, at first, i really liked them, i found the whole thing pretty fun and interesting, but the quality of ghe writing went down VERY quickly, to my utter despair, as story telling/writing is one of my personal pet peeves, they could have done SO MUCH with these wonderful concepts that use the transmigration literary device, but no matter how good a general concept might be, if it's executed poorly, it's all basically useless, such a tragedy; lastly, I'm not one to spend in gacha/mobile games, i prefer to use that money to get console games that don't require me to get a bunch of micro transactions to get the real interesting stuff, but whenever i do pay for something in a mobile game, i expect to get something that makes me feel like i didn't at least c o m p l e t e l y waste money and time, and oh boy, this game's packs and suits? Definitely NOT worth it the amount of money they ask for. But....even with all that said, i still personally find it fun. It's difficult to put it in words, but if i where to describe it, the feeling i get while playing is very similar to what i felt whenever i watched telenovelas or "Caso Cerrado" with my mom and siblings back in my home country, were we all knew the quality was less than subpar, and we tended to laugh at the ridiculousness on-screen, but we still all had a good time. And you know what? That's a really personal experience, but it is more than enough reason for me to keep playing this game, as it does make me smile. That's really the only thing that matters, at the end of the day😸 phew....that was long, and it got pretty personal at the end there, but i don't think many people will read this review, anyway, so it's A-ok! and if you are someone reading this until the end, congrats! you have the patience of a saint, i commend you, have some cake, you deserve it🍰🍰🍰

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