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Komori Life | Korean

Komori Life | Korean

Komori Life | Korean



This game is so cuteeeee. Graphics are good for me, the movements are very smooth, it just a lil bit laggy in the beginning cause of my network connection 🥲.
There's a lot of things to do in this game: farming, gathering, pets, crafting, cooking,... that i can play it all day. (but my battery says no =)))
You can meet other players in the town, make friends and visit their house. NPCs are so cute too, i love the girl selling things for pets (i can't write her name tho...).
This is a farming game so it's totally fine if you're f2p player.
The only problem in this game (for me) is that i don't understand Korean, I use screen translator but it still did not clear enough for me to understand the missions. But it has auto mode to find the way so it's fine [開心]
9.5/10 for me, -0.5 cause of the language ingame. [色色]

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What to expect in your first fast-paced 10 minutes of gaming! Watch this video for before downloading so you can check if this game is fit to your preference. https://youtu.be/HEZOh3L-J2w

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