Haikyu!! TOUCH THE DREAM | Korean

Haikyu!! TOUCH THE DREAM | Korean

Haikyu!! TOUCH THE DREAM | Korean

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Haikyu!! TOUCH THE DREAM Gameplay Android IOS: https://youtu.be/QfSFcN7axYM



honest but biased review[開心]. it's probably just because of my hyperfixation towards this media, but this game was suprisingly nice![鬼臉] the graphics were okay, the 3d chibis and card were nice even if they looked kind of funky at times but the sprites were kind of ugly tbh[難過][難過]. the gameplay really pulls you in, probably the biggest aspect to it. and the sound was super nice! although i feel like the story is the same with the animanga ? there were no difference to it so it was kinda boring to read. THE GACHA RATES ARE HORRENDOUS[發火][發火][發火]. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. or just my luck.. it was hard enough to get 1 iconic from re-rolls. anyway 10/10 would reccomend if you have an attachment to this media and would not reccomend otherwise. [厲害]

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