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Soul Tide | Global

Soul Tide | Global

Soul Tide | Global

Zero Of the absolute order


I am enjoying the game[開心][開心][開心]
Very much from the first time I have played tail this point
I come a cross an annoying thing
After succfuly
Being able to max out the affinity of a character[白眼][白眼]
It turn out
I have to pay in real life money to buy a certain amount of material in the game
In order to buy the oath ring
I mean
You got like a whole lot of way to make more money through the game
Such as skin's deals ( like offering a certain benefits)
, VIP ( benefits )
But not only did you make it not buy able through in game money
We can't even collect that gem to buy the oath ring [發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發怒][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發怒]

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really like the global version, as it has ENG now! i liked the japanese version, because of the exploration parts. i find the combat parts a bit slow, even on auto battle. i think the game really shines on presentation and exploration . the characters are well done, though the gacha could be a bit more affordable more often. the mansion building butbis okay, where tou decorate it with different themes for a percentage boost. the game has been performing great woth no crashes, and quick response interface. so far a great experience. i have just made it to 3-1 at this time of review.



Honestly nothing wrong as of now, good gacha probabilities and not too hard to get gacha tickets. The game is basically a dungeon-type with many to explore and turn-based fighting style. Outside is alsi plenty, u can date dolls (girls), design a dorm, and patrol a "town". There is a catch tho, every fight u do it takes a certain amount of Morality or the mood of the dolls and if that hits at a point, you can not use the doll. Other than those, you can expect a good time playing. I'd say its pretty f2p friendly on the new servers AND the community is helpful as such they helped me throughh

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