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SINoALICE | Japanese

SINoALICE | Japanese

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Love it. It's just a simple game with simple mechanics, and apart from the story, it looks really low-quality, but honestly idfc. The story is great, the gameplay is bearable and that's all that matters to me.

One of the biggest reasons for me to play this game despite its goofiness is because it's PORTRAIT MODE. I CAN PLAY ON MY PHONE WITHOUT BEING SUSPICIOUS WOOOOOOHOOOO ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
Not only that, but the waiting time for loading and connecting is really low and although it only sounds like a small issue, to me it's a really big deal because if you have to wait 2 min at the loading screen before you can play your game (which is the case for like every other gacha game), it's really hard to stay motivated to play the game. SINoALICE is just genuinely more accessible and that's why I keep coming back to it.

The story is phenomenal, I mean it's gotta be when the LITERAL CREATOR is built into the plot. Although I must say that because I'm not good at Japanese I might have misunderstood and/or not understood some stuff, the majority of the playerbase I've seen seems to agree with me. The (skippable) story is bite-sized-ly scattered across the main stages, not too much to bother you, just enough to keep you going, though it seems pretty abstract at first glance.

The main gameplay is weirdly basic and boring and all, but I seem to have fallen in love with the minigame for stamina farming. Idk, I think it's just a me thing, but just know that in this game there's no way your stamina is gonna run out.

Now, I really love the character sprites' artstyle and it also really fits with the atmosphere. But the chibi art is where it starts to get goofy. I mean, just look at it.
...and I assure you, you don't wanna see the animations. The UI and the navigation through, idk, inventory and stuff are also kinda scuffed.

The worst part is probably the gameplay, as I have mentioned above, and here's why. You don't have to do a damn thing to win a round. The NPCs around you just do the job. And if you want to do at least one attack to get the third star in the level, you either get blocked because an NPC is already planning to kill the enemy or you just one-hit them. This should already be enough to see that the gameplay is not worth playing. But it's good enough for me.

Oh, and the gacha is confusing af.

...yeah, that's all there is to it. It's a visual novel in disguise plus some very accessible but boring gameplay and I love it.

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johnny y


love this game, the music and graphic is awesome. its a shame i cant understand half the story. game was working fine for about two weeks and since last weeks update ive been having trouble to play any stages in game, the stage ends with times up as soon as i finished with the loading screen, and boots me back to the game home page with my ap deducted. tried several ways to hope for a fix, reinstalled and tried on a diff phone, samething, i hope this has nothing to do with the internal clock. please fix this and i will continue to support the game.



all in all to keep this short: -GRETEL BEST GIRL![發困] thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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