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Вполне себе играбельный среднячок, но можно приготовиться сразу к тому, что дропните через 2-3 месяца, если играете без доната, f2p здесь не дружелюбный.

Нормальная графика, куча доната на любой вкус и цвет, но его полезность зависит от удачи основной в пул гачи, музыка ламповая (так что даже не хочется вырубать звук, что довольно редко бывает), дизайн персонажей без фансервиса (объективно могли бы сделать привлекательнее, раз все персонажи - это девочки), не жадная гача, куча механик вполне стандартных, хотя увлекло строительство своего "закутка" из десятка домиков/кафешек и декора, вполне себе приятно.

Из минусов - это: малое количество получаемой валюты для пулов, магазин проработан посредственно, везде иероглифы портят атмосферу, лаги, подвисания, баги, вылеты и довольно большие проблемы с оптимизацией, если телефон старше 3-ех лет(т.е. нужно иметь в виду, что плавность не будет).

За месяц собрано 5 легендарок 120-150 lvl f2p полностью. Скорее всего пойдёт под удаление.

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Robinson Rauv


Doesn't work in Vietnam, even with vpn. i guess the publisher's ex wife is vietnamese.



Short Version: Solid game with amazing graphics, cool combat, multiple contents and smooth performance, let down by "basic" main story and unnecessary mechanics. Warning though, this game is meant to be a "main game". Not a side game like Blue Archive or Pokemon Masters. Eventually this game will turn into a side game, but there's a lot of content early on. Super Short Version: Idle game with more hassle, *cough*, content, with superb graphics. Long Version: Unfortunately there is no long version. Somehow qooapp kept saying there's sensitive words in my text, but I have no idea what it is. Sigh anyway, I'll make it brief. Story: Average. Low average maybe since it nearly made me yawn. The story is just a typical isekai. Actually, more accurately, it's like Fate Series (FGO, Fate Stay Night) but way less appealing. Personal/Love Story: Think of this as Blue Archive's individual stories. Now these stories are much better than the main one. However, it's a hassle. In Blue Archice you can contact them in messenger then start the story. Here, you need to contact them first and then find them in the town. Like why? Unnecessary hassle. This ain't Genshin... Sound: Great VA work, Great Sound Effects, Good music Graphics: Amazing graphics. The 3D models, expressions, movements, they're all great. Definitely much better than Time Defenders. Slightly better than Genshin. But not better than Honkai and Tensura....and 7ds I guess 2D Graphics: Amazing. Tons of story CGs. Multiple Live2d. The Graphics are the main powerhouse of this game Interactive Lobby: Yes they have a character waiting for you in the lobby like Honkai. Though not as superior, it's good enough. You can....tap....on certain places.... I've said too much...Also, highly costumizable lobby like Counterside and SAO Unleash Blading. Combat Graphics: Super super stiff.... The skill cutscenes look amazing, but combat animation ... it's a static version of King's Raid ....so....like ...RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.... Combat Play: 1 active skill and 1 ultimate skill. Ultimate gauge is shared, so you can fire 1 ultimate skill after the gauge is full. Weird? I know. Like Exos maybe? I forgot who uses the "shared ultimate gauge/meter/orb" system. Basic attacks are automatic. Gacha: 30 Pulls to hit pity, nice. Unlimited reroll with all characters available to pull from it, nice. Different tickets for different Gacha, be aware of this. No gear/artifact gacha. Gems: Rate of earning is....decent to low. Better play now else you won't get a great start, due to multiple rewards from grand opening. Or don't, up to you. Shop: Meh, up to you. Didn't really pay attention. I mainly support games by buying skins or battle pass. Oh yeah, this game has battle pass. Overall: Good game to try out in this early days of 2023. Will not replace the likes of Genshin, Honkai, Arknights, Guardian Tales, Blue Archive and PGR. This game is meant to be a main game. It cannot be a side game like Pokemon Masters. Yeesh I said brief but it's actually long as well. Thanks for reading everyone

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