Tower of God: Great Journey | Korean

Tower of God: Great Journey | Korean

Tower of God: Great Journey | Korean



Китайские иероглифы, засореный дизайн интерфейса, куча доната.

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Faazil Shaikh


Good art and a decent idle game, just needs more game modes because in the end game there really isn't anything to do especially when you get hard stuck



EDIT as of june: game gives a lot of keys for farming now. it has decent events from doing farming to reward you additional resources & mats. quite generous with standard summons as game goes on, mostly from coupons, lets see how long that lasts. game updated some qol so it's good they listen to complaints. important to note is it updated the shop for when you rolled a character that has already max dupe it gives another currency to buy single random and selection summons with, those pink glittery stuff. it's good that it didnt take long for these updates. battlepass doesnt give summons. and the paid one only has 1 standard multi. some things i dont like: it takes too long to finish one round of farming, around 3 mins, and game gives a lot of keys. i'd say it helps for you to stay away from your phone but if you already have several other gachas that requires heavy farming then this is a pass. you need about 3-6 hours a day to leave the phone open for this depending on how much keys you have atm. i didnt like the new update where the farming stops auto when your bag is full. verdict: - try if you love the manhwa -f2p progress will be slow but manageable. you still get strong steadily. -if you want an idle game that has the most minimal management as possible, one that might help cure phone addiction lol, then try this. idle games typically has a lot going on and demand your attention several things at once thats why it's easy to lose time to it but not this one. i'll update if they add more features in the future.

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