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重装战线 Heavy Front Gameplay: https://youtu.be/G6OA4oQC2JU



There was this Nintendo series called Advanced Wars made by the same developer of Fire Emblem, this game looks like it was inspired by that, it even has the animation cut-ins when you attack! Aside from the Langrisser mobile game I dont think there is any other game like this, I think its worth using screen translation software to play this, its a tactics game you will probably only need to know what the units do. I also recommend Quantum Maki/ Tower Guardian, its also on here and its a straight up action game so you only need to translate what your units do. I'll download and update this review in a week or so, that way I can give a better overview over a one day review. Edit: it looks like my phone doesnt run on screen translation apps anymore and im not screenshotting everything every 5 seconds so no review, apologies. If you know of any strategy game like this for mobile let me know, I know of Fire Emblem Heroes but that game is a bad/lazy as it looks.

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