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Pearl Sea


Overall it's a good game. Nice music and layout. But the characters are not that eye catching ... except for some like the bunny.

What caught my attention was the way the story has been presented. It's refreshing to have a narrator instead of the characters themselves speaking, makes the story go faster as well. But I would have loved to hear the voice of characters saying dialogues instead of just *ouch* and all that.

Also, the visuals are stunning. The majestic mountain, lush valley, green forests, golden heaven.... it feels like an anime at times.

The gacha rates really require a boost. The crystal drops and the amounts required to summon are brilliant! But the rates suck for special characters. Also, collecting evolution material ( even with special events) is kind of time consuming.

Loading times are alright, because it does take time sometimes.

Some features are yet to come... so hoping for a better play time soon.

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This game is good. It works well for my device, no crashes, and no serious bugs. The story is well translated and keeps me entertained. Feels like I am reading a nice fantasy book. The bonus stages are a nice feature for this game. The rewards from bonus stages allow you to level up your heroes and get stronger. However, there is still some room for improvement for this game, and that's okay. The game is outdated and doesn't offer a lot at the time, but has some of the newer features of the Japanese version. Since I have been playing the Japanese version first, I noticed that the voice lines for my units don't play as I activate their skills. Story mode is not enough for me; I'm looking forward for more! I have been playing this game a lot and did lots of story quests. Soon, I will be finishing them on expert mode so, I will be definitively looking forward to Arena where every week I will be able to get a decent amount of orbs! Right now, some units don't seem to be very special and their art doesn't look the best; don't worry, there will be more fascinating characters added later with more amazing abilities. You should check Cryptract's Japanese Twitter page or their website. They post their amazing character designs: @Cryp_boi As for the rates... OOF, this depends what kind of gacha you are doing. Some may have 1% or 5%. I hope they will bring gachas with 11% for a 5 star character. Even after waiting 5 years to get this game in English, for fans of Cryptract outside of Japan, it is worth it. Now, lets wait for the good units, features and memories to come. :)

Sandy Prabowo


Why every good game is underated [大哭]just hope this game have official community and have more player

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