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The Spike - Volleyball Story

The Spike - Volleyball Story

The Spike - Volleyball Story



THIS, this game has my heart. Srsly the characters designs r simple but they look awesome. I can tell this is the best mobile game i have ever play in my life, like ong.

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The Spike - Volleyball Story What I like: It's a very interesting idea of a volleyball game on mobile. The sound is exceptional. The RPG element is also intriguing. Very satisfying movement in spikes, blocks, and serves. What could be better: There are many bugs. Sometimes you will serve with a posture as if you're blocking in the front row or sliding on the floor. The jump height is ridiculous for some high vertical stat players.



This is actually an amazing game, I got addicted in no time, amazing quality, a good story, could use a little more chapters. But i really enjoy it whenever i play this game on my free time, but i wish i could get to play the setter position though it really is a good amazing game to play on a free time [開心]

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