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Ozon K


trừ 1* do ban IP , ai muốn chơi global để làm quen thì làm thế này
- Tải 1 cái vpn bất kỳ về fake sang Sing rồi mới mở game , lỡ mở game trước rồi thì vào reset data game lại

- Vào nó hiện cái bảng "service is not support" thì nhìn lên phía trên tay phải sẽ có 1 cái dấu "X" , bấm vào để đóng cái bảng đấy

- Chơi qua màn hướng dẫn rồi sẽ quay về màn hình tải game (4gb4) , lúc này thì tắt vpn đi được rồi , nó tải xong rồi login vào chơi thôi

- Mỗi lần vào game phải fake ip sang Sing , vào bên trong rồi thì tắt đi là được

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This is the only review you'll need before playing. Everything else out there either blindly hates it cause it's nexon or salty cause the "gacha" can't stress this enough the gacha system wasn't FAIR! OMG IMAGINE the gacha system not fair couldn't be me. Anyway a proper review would light this game for its true qualities which was great compensation rewards well optimized with a few hiccups that are being addressed. The story is great which isn't common in gacha games much anymore. The Sensei Student relationship is very cute and actually interesting. The game pronounces your username which is a very neat feature. Their is literally a reroll button built into the game for your convenience. Obviously as with many other gacha games auto does everything in the early stages but you could always take control for a better result. The game offers missions story events and PvP with a cafe that you can decorate it's like the perfect one stop gacha that you can enjoy in your own pace without feeling stressed. Not too demanding just a good enjoyable gacha with your normal mediocre gacha rates. If you don't wanna reroll and don't like the rates you should still try since it's a nice side game but there's other stuff out to play. So stop hating in the game like children and driving players away with these bad salty reviews.



Ingin rasanya tubuh ini diinjak injak oleh Aru, lalu di dudukin sama Hina. setelah itu dimanja manja sama Mbak Shun. Oh ketiga istriku, aku mencintaimu. -Dari Sensei sekaligus Suamimu yang berbeda dimensi.

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