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Pearl Sea


Plot: Standard. However the Area stories are kind of good. The detection parts are educational and mostly accurate.
The dates are ok, the MC is not dense or bashful nor are the girls tsunderes.
Characters are decently written.
Gameplay: Idle clicker and merger. There is a lot to do though. Resources are abundant thankfully
Draw Rates: Standard

Good graphics and new events are always there, though the event formats get repetitive. It's the best Idle Game I have played till late, though it's not that Idle for me.
Also, the units creation time takes too long.

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i initially thought this was a VPN restricted game that as in Chinese only, which is why there were mixed reviews. I was wrong, this actually has English and requires no VPN, some cultured looking models with live2D. The unit crafting is cute, but time consuming and it has VIP, so it's kinda P2W, you know how it is with these games. Give it a try and see if you like it.

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