Princess Connect! Re:Dive | Japanese

Princess Connect! Re:Dive | Japanese

Princess Connect! Re:Dive | Japanese



I actually only played this game because of its many collabs. The collabs are all pretty cool but not just that but its a pretty good game. The characters seem nice in their own way, the combat system is simple and this game is great for when you want to pass time. I don't really have much to say since I really just played the game for the collab characters and events but its still a pretty good game which I play only when I am very bored and just wanna pass some time.

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Reason for playing this game : 1. YABAI DESU NE 2. YABAI WA YO 3. OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU SUTEKI NO NAKAMA BLA BLA 4. Now focus , i have 4 plus point on this game : a. It's free and gives you a LOT of gacha jewels for rolls b. Storyline great (Voice & Graphic also godtier) c. Size really perfect for the anime cutscene d. They do collabs 5. Just play it on PC via DMM if you dont have enough space 6. It's VN but Stratergic & Fun 7. Im never spent any MONEY yet on this game Please upvote / leave a like if you agreed my opinion



How many GB is this game? Fully downloaded and No voices downloads?

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