Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown

Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown

Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown



Volzerk is a simple monster battle game. Graphics are fine and it looks like a Nintendo 3DS game, since stages are small and 3D models are as if they were polygon style. It is true that stages structures are repeated and most monster animations are shared among others (if they have same weapon type) but in my opinion is fun and easy. The story seems to be fine, for the N5 japanese that I learn. It doesn't have a big lore, so it's technically similar to Shironeko titles. If you like those COLOPL titles I'm sure you will like it as well. The first 4 character is free and once you take it will now cost 10€ so... Choose wisely and you will have a good experience. Some characters can be purchased with in-game coins but they are 3 stars or 2 stars units. Their design and abilities are pretty fine, as well as their gameplay. The objective of the game is simple: clear dungeons and befriend monsters, as if they were Yo-kai. You can collect enemies fragments but I'm not sure what is their use. Probably they boost some characteristics if you defeat them over and over again. There is also a free map exploration to gather materials and defeat as many monsters as you want. It's similar to Atelier series because you can go through those small maps and collect items! Overall the game is fine and fun! You can also download it on Steam and there you have more graphic settings such as FPS options. Also, the camera can be moved with mouse locked. I usually play on PC, it's better. It would be great to have this game in English and I'm sure they will do something about it. The trailer is ironically in English and the Term of Service are in any language. If they do the same thing as they did with Shironeko Golf... We will probably have it in English, too. I'm looking forward for new updates. There are only 5 chapters by the moment, and the protagonist needs to collect Volzerk fragments to restore him. There are 5 chapters and one fragment per chapter, so in total it would be 10 chapters. There's also a boss section to challenge dragons again. Maybe we will have competitions in the future! Please, give it a try! It's nice game. It's not Pay to Win if you organize well !! Good luck and enjoy

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It supports english language now. Graphics: Full 3d with chibi stickers. Very smooth. Sound: It's not fully voiced. I'm still not far enough, so the thing I heard is only chill and peaceful village bgm. Gameplay: It's a real time action (hack&slash) with exploration (in small scale) feature where you play as a party of monster riders. There are rider classes based on their weapon (fencer, warrior, lancer and mage, which all have different attack pattern) combined with the elements (fire, water, wind, electric and non-elemental). Storyline: It's about adventure of Feena (monster-loving freak) and friends to find Volzerk's (the dragon in prologue) light fragments. Value: There's no gacha. You can directly buy the charas using real money. The best is you can choose one *4 chara (highest rarity) for FREE. Meanwhile, for the monster collecting, it's mostly from the story and quest. Edit: Reached chapter 2 and honestly it's tiring (I'm not into an open world gameplay btw). Maybe I'll be back in case they made chara/monster who has auto-tracking ultra range beam skill and can explore map at the mach speed.

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cute cool kinda like genshin impact but more better.hoping them to collab in the future.is pretty impress the game run good.[賣萌]

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