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Zold:out | Global

Zold:out | Global

Zold:out | Global

Rie Ichinose


Graphics: 3/5
slightly taller Chibi with lots of details would've been better if the 2D image was L2D.

Sound: 2/5
it's eh, idk.

Gameplay: 4/5
a really good gameplay, ruined by some QoL wall, like how there are sweep but requiring tickets that costs half a pull for 10 sweep tickets.

Storyline: 2/5
It's eh, I guess.

Value: 1/5
2% Gacha pull rate for SSR, 200 currency per pull, 1800 for 10x, you get 45 currency per stage, no extra pulls from full clearing Normal diff chapters, 1 extra pull ticket for clearing Hard diff chapter (chapter not stage)

it could've been good, but the game is hindered by some questionable and greedy decisions, the game's pace is kind of slow.

Auto gets unlocked by the end of chapter 2, and it takes roughly an hour and PvP gets unlocked by chapter 3, but you are required to clear chapter 1 Hard to unlock chapter 3, idk why they do this but this is jist annoying.

Sweep function exists but the tickets are very very scarce, making grinding/farming dailies slow as hell.

Rerolling is fast, around 5 to 10 mins per, 2 multi pull on both chara and weapon for those who are rerolling.

2% Gacha rate, bad currency gains, 180 pull for pity, slow gameplay pacing, lots of loading times.

overall, couldve been great 10 years ago or if they decided to make QoL a priority.

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Zoldout Global Gameplay - RPG Android IOS: https://youtu.be/ORZjOSd4tfs



It isn't very generous right out of the gate, so rerolling will be a pain since you have to replay the tutorial. I managed to get 2 multis on character banner and 1 multi on weapon banner mostly from achievements since they only give 1 10 pull. Offers pop up constantly. Oh you beat this stage, here is an offer! Seems dupe reliant which isn't bad if generous, but don't feel the generosity so far. I will give it a few hours though and see if my impressions change or I unlock more. **Edit** Played it for a few hours and made it to the middle of chapter 2. It is still stingy as I had figured.. especially for 2% pull rates. I was able to pull 37 times total on the character banner and 12 times on the weapon gacha based on playing that much. The battle system is kind of fun, but after awhile I was getting tired of manually playing easier stages. You have to complete chapter 2 to unlock auto which takes longer than I have played so far. Overall I would say I like the game, but feel underwhelmed with the rewards and lack of honeymoon period. They need an SSR selective summon or better login rewards if they want to retain people past a day or 2.

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