Oshiro Project: RE ~CASTLE DEFENSE~

Oshiro Project: RE ~CASTLE DEFENSE~

Oshiro Project: RE ~CASTLE DEFENSE~




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Awesome TD game, beatiful portraits. First year was difficult, few units, low level, low stamina. Took me a solid to really get into end game. Now I'm on my fourth year and still enjoying it daily. Low power creep, as the original 7* are still often used. Many units even down to 3* are staples because all units have unique specials that you need to mix and match. You can use up to 8 units simultaneously. Equipped weapons actually show up in game!!! Thats quite rare for a 2D game. Auto skip is plentiful. Downside is limited customization, just decide which weapon and trinkets you equip, but there are lots of unique weapons. End game is very hard, and mostly for self satisfaction. Super generous during anniversary (april) and big events.



(Updated with new review feature) TL;DR: It's a tower defense game with a steep learning curve and a harsh difficulty in early game. It will get easier somewhere when you hit a spike. Like Aigis, it's fun later once you figure out a combination that works for your own team. Difficulty according to progress: Early game - Extreme cliff climbing (unless you already know all the basics). Mid game - It's still a bumpy ride Late game - A relaxing stroll End game - It's just you and your castles. Time Consumption: Mobile Game Tier, manageable within 30 mins or less Pros: 1. It's a long-lasting game (quite durable). 2. It's castle-girls, one of the oddest combos, if you haven't experienced that, you can try. Cons: 1. It's quite demoraling to get defeated repeatedly. 2. Barely finding any more once you get the basics, but yes, it does get boring soon if you are expecting more variations and unique combinations...so slightly worse than Aigis. Detailed review: As a TD fan, I never suffer repeated defeats as fast as this one. This one gives me crushing defeats time after time. It's not as punishing as other games for this one, guess the developer did setup a cushion for newbies to fall when they fail. The graphics and sound are definitely not a top quality, hence I do have to be harsh on those aspects. Unlike the other TDs I had, the upgrades during stages will recover HP, so time the upgrades to get a good second wind. There is also certain priority in upgrading the units for each stage. So be prepare for the onslaught. It seems easy at first, the variation may swoop in and give you a hard time. If you are not playing blind...well, you can walk all over them easily.

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