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Teria Saga

Teria Saga


Kaneki Ken


Really fun and amazing game

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Edit: RIP game, it was too F2P, didn't bring in that many new players after their vtuber ad campaigns, and had a long content drought for like 6 months up until their 1st anniversary overhaul, which failed to bring people back or attract new players, even though the improvements were pretty great and made the game even more F2P-friendly. I'll miss it. Fun, casual party-based ARPG that can be challenging at the higher difficulty levels. Easy to re-roll. SSRs are easy to get if you save for the guaranteed, discount, step-up and limited gachas with stone rolls, and count on tickets for base gacha characters. SSR guaranteed and other tickets are given regularly through events/shop/logins. Dimension stones are plentiful from missions/log-ins/events/Arena(ez 400/week). Regular 10-roll cost = 1k stones. I've been playing since release and still enjoy it. It's surprising how little attention this game gets. Worth a try IMO. Note: The game can be patched to English, and a few other languages, if you're rooted and know where to look. Pros: - Very generous and easy to F2P - Cute characters, something for everybody - Nice graphics if turned up in the options Cons: - SAs/Skill CIs in co-op can get you killed if people activate them at bad times - Basic whole-party movement system while solo can be frustrating against hard bosses

Eddy Ed


Easy to reroll, account deletion without limit. Coop has issue with lag atm and healers doesn't work properly in coop. Huge grind on event if you wanna get your free SSR and limit break them. SSR 3%, your 1st 10 tutorial rolls can be done quickly by skipping dialogue.

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