Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global

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I always see people comparing Love Live and Garupa and saying one is better than the other. Having played both of them, I don't think that that's true coz they're both great games. It's all a matter of preference. I think Love Live also have great songs and the girls are lovable as well. I'm biased to the Nijigasaki girls though, and a little Aquors. Anyway, I like how there's an AUTO when you play a song coz I'm usually busy and that helps me a lot. It also helps that there's a SKIP ticket - I use those a lot in events. I also like that you can still get cards on events even if you didn't rank that high unlike other games (Obey Me is a good example). The home screen looks nice too, not too crowded. Of course, like all the games I've played, I also have complaints. Like how it's really grindy when you're just starting out and how it feels like you've been grinding forever but you still can't idolize your card or read the stories or get the costumes. And a minor thing about the girls looking like each other... I swear, when I first started playing, I have a hard time differentiating Honoka from Chika, especially when all of them are together... LMAO.



интересная игра, графика просто превосходная, интересный сюжет. Касательно геймплея, это даже не ритмическая игра, да, тут есть что-то оттуда, но главный смысл это несколько часов делать пати и во время меняться с местами... Это очень даже интересно, а гача кстати беспощадная, ну, так и живём уже несколько лет)

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