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Benjamin Scott


Graphics are pretty good. Sound? Have no idea, sound is always turned off. Gameplay is cringe at times, but what do you expect, Mr. Qoo is as cringe as it gets. Storyline? What storyline? Value? Hmm...
But seriously though, I come for the gacha cards, the beautiful, beautiful gacha cards. Oh and to download anime games, cuz this is the only place to download anime games, duh. Oh and Elly, I LOVE Elly!!!

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"Hey, how to download QooApp?" "You can download it from QooApp!" "Thanks" another edit: a recommendation! add bio feature or something like that, idk, i just like to wrote things on my bio in games/sosmed edit: here's the legit review of this app the app is taking too much storage, this app has way too many useless features. there should be an option to change a leader of a group when the leader is inactive for a very long time, or at least an auto kick function.

Echo Hikaru


wait..... im using QooApp to download QooApp? What paradox is this?!

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