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i initially thought this was a VPN restricted game that as in Chinese only, which is why there were mixed reviews. I was wrong, this actually has English and requires no VPN, some cultured looking models with live2D. The unit crafting is cute, but time consuming and it has VIP, so it's kinda P2W, you know how it is with these games. Give it a try and see if you like it.

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Newton: "I like them thicc af." "But Sir Newton, we can't write that!" Newton: "Then write this: The greater the mass, the greater the force of attraction."



Surprisingly, this game is more of a city-building/merging game than anything else. Despite me not enjoying that aspect of the game much (as I find merging games tedious), I still quite like it, as the good art and interesting story really make up for the bland and boring gameplay. I quite like the fact that the game's loading screens can be customised, however. The game can also be quite pay-to-win at times, as quite a number of items are locked behind a paywall, but I still enjoy collecting the game's characters. Caro the starter character is so cute :3 I wish the game could add more character skins, though...

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