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The war Fernet

The war Fernet

The war Fernet

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The War Fernet: Fernet Wartale English Version Gameplay - SRPG Games Android APK
📌 GAMEPLAY : https://youtu.be/_6AS4Y3Hqh0

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antori antori


The translation isn't finished completely for english but i think the game is great! [懵懂] Graphics are pretty tame very little in animations but UIs look great and clean and character and background art is really nice too Sound: i enjoyed the music in the game and sound effects but i wish there were some character voice lines [可憐] Gameplay: turn based grid map rogue game, great in terms of playability and fun [開心] i enjoyed Gameplay the most and map variety was fantastic too glad they added so many in [懵懂] Story: can't really say for sure since translation wasn't complete [難過] but the narrative seemed great and plot was interesting not too dragged out or straightforward it was nice [微笑] hope to properly redo it fully after completion of english version! Value: the game seemed f2p friendly with pity and currency and packs were pretty good deals too [開心] pretty exciting new game and i'll happily recommend it once fully translated! [厲害]

Panumas Nimsomboon


เกมแนว เทิร์นเบส คล้ายเกมแลงกริซเซอร์ มีภาษาอังกฤษ เวล7 จะมีให้เปิดกาชามือใหม่ ได้ SSR แน่นอน1ตัว สุ่มจาก 3ตัว ตั๋วเปิดกาชา หาง่ายอยู่ ลงด่านเก็บกล่อง การันตี ที่ 60 โรล เกมพื้นที่ 846 mb

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