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Purenista M | Global

Thaao Hanshew


If you want a cute dressup game, this is a nice one. Tons of banners with a variety of clothes and props, you can have uo to 12 avatars at once, boy and girls. Lots of options for creating scenes. Some assets are animated to make your scenes even neater. It is solely a social dressup game. No gameplay other than dressing up and making scenes. There is flower harvesting, but it's basically just looking at other scenes and clicking the harvest button.

The first two pulls on most banners are free. You get 10 free pull tickets day 1, and 5 on day 2, so you can start with a lot of stuff. Rates are not bad.

Graphics are very cute and doll-like. You can choose between a variety of songs to play in the bg, which are pretty nice, or just turn your sound off if you get tired of the sounds. Lots of little quests and stuff to keep you busy when you are bored.

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In the average toy store, usually around where the arts and crafts section is, there's these "fashion" art book where the idea is that you trace clothes designs onto a base character - the examples and the front cover illustrations always looking much nicer than what you'd probably be able to make with what's provided. The character models are often very glossy and with very "doll" like eyes, and that's what this game's art style reminds me of (I imagine there's similar games that look like this too). I think that's about the most I can say aside from the obvious; it's a gacha dressup game, take it how you will (´⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠) Blingee vibes edit: Ehhhh I don't really like how some banners are paid only so I'm docking some of the rating for that re-edit: OK I like the F2P friendly approach to the "Scene Events" so I'll un-dock the rating there



更新 目前(6 Feb)遊戲還是很卡,這點真的希望能盡快改善 把拿到的物品變成一張圖很考驗創意,但很有趣 星星沒有很好賺,似乎日版給更多 ------ 遊戲很lag很考驗耐心🤔🤔 但畫風真的漂亮,無課扭蛋不會比氪金扭蛋差太多 剛下載來看看,還沒了解活動怎麼玩(因為很卡沒耐心😂😂 無課扭蛋有免費一抽的設計,還不錯 沒玩過日版的所以無法比較,但感覺佛係玩應該還不錯~

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