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Fantasia Sango Mysteria

Fantasia Sango Mysteria

Fantasia Sango Mysteria



there are graphical errors, as if assets aren't downloaded or available. during the tutorial fight, there were white squares and rectangles where important skills and ui should be.

the combat tutorial was short, but im hoping that was it. cannot skip or speed up dialogue or cutscenes for now.

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Dante Cotton


This takes me back to my collection of CRPGS on PC. They really took inspiration from Octopath Traveler with the battle mechanics, which isn't a bad thing as it makes battles easy for vets of this battle system to get into. Overall, it's a bit rough around the edges and needs a lot of graphical error fixes. I'll keep it on my phone for now out of nostalgia and curiosity to see what they'll do with it in the short-term.

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