Symphogear XD UNLIMITED | Global

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED | Global

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED | Global

Pearl Sea


Another cash grab game I am sorry to say. Its gameplay is a mixture of Danmachi and Revue Starlight. Like Danmachi it has beautiful va but is grindy. Same cards are required to evolve, limit break etc. Gem drops are decent, but not enough. And, gacha tickets can only be used for single draws... so in order to draw 100 times, think how annoying it is.

The story line is predictable again. The mc is one of those happy go lucky putting herself in predicament kind of girl, but still it's not so annoying. Basically, one can skip the story sequence.

A major drawback is the load times. After downloading one again needs to load 150+130 mb worth data. Even after that the game keeps loading the story sequences. (Idk if it only applied to me) .

so this game has potential, but it doesn't live up to expectations.

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Xan Kreigor


Game is being shut down in July 2020, just 3 months after it released in February. I blame the pandemic but also lack of marketing for the game since only hardcore Symphogear fans probably played it.

Dante Cotton


Just another cash grab game that's 3 years late on the global market. Day by day my patience for these game companies trying to milk players with famous IPs wears thinner. I gave it a shot (8 times reset) all with abysmal card drops. Uninstalled. I wish the best for those that have been waiting for this game's global release.

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