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On Air!



It's a good game but unfortunately I uninstall the game cause whenever I read the story, the graphic always running low. Even though the lesson and battle is running fine, it still annoy me whenever I play. But maybe it's just my phone :'(
Hope they can fix that.

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I still play this everyday. Might as well leave a review. After the BIG UPDATE, the game is now Live2D which means the character sprite moves and also a lot of changes to make it feel more real. For example the impros now have dialogues. Reading them is fun. The gameplay is pretty generic. The usual breeding game. Art is nice. The reason I'm still playing is because most of the content is voiced. For someone who doesn't know much Japanese this is great. Because for me with this type of game, understanding what's happening is important to getting know the game, the story, the characters. Other than that I'm attached to the characters. I like them a lot especially the Re:Fly unit. edit: Thank you, On Air! I'm gonna miss you.

Leon Tomo


it looks too much like enstars, even the ui and some character designs. tho in the term of gameplay, it offers a lot more things. nothing really stands out for me as for right now. i'm looking forward to this game's development in the future

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