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Azur Lane | English

Azur Lane | English

Azur Lane | English



dont be a shitkikan and marry all the girls, okay anon?

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Cute boatgirls in a game that isn't a pure rng simulator like certain other game with shipgirls in it. I must applaud devs for sticking with people that will actually play this game, not SJW and NOT CENSORING ANYTHING. So many limp dicked devs/publishers lately are censoring their western ports of mobages because they fear SJW. Guess what, they won't pay your bills, they won't even play your games in first place. Lying about lack of censorship and calling it "localization" just proves how dishonest some devs can be, removing original content = censorship, localize my butt. Anyway, where I was going with this is that even tho I dont have time and I'm already HEAVY invested in JP version of this game (started playing soon after its release, rank 101), devs showed that they care about community so I will be spending some $$ on that sweet skins for my 2d tittyboats that I don't own on JP. After NepNep event I realized that translation got much better and isnt really a problem anymore.

Jimmy Kudo


-Loved the game when i downloaded it. -Deleted it cause of studies -Got worse Marks cause my waifu was looking at me from far away...felt really sorry -Realised that this is not just a Game but a man's happiness and dreams come tru -Redownloded the game today, reunited with my dear waifu and GOT A 10 IN maths So that has never happened before in my life....happiness over 9000 umu -Moral of the story... never let ur waifu be away from u *sniff be happy and may the devs live on.

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