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Eliot Xing


Don't let that Nexon name hinder your gaming experience, because this game for me personally is actually pretty good so far. The reason why a bunch of you saying that Nexon sucks is because of the Global one, that branch is a huge sin in Mobile Gaming History. Bunch of games got shut down due to super money hungry & horrendous rate ups despite the game's still running outside Global like 1 of my fav Master of Eternity(Until all of them got closed, the 1st one is obviously Global), or they asked other Publisher after pretty much ruin it such as Fantasy War Tactics from Nexon GT to Valofe, but it is a very rare case if the one in charge is Nexon Korea. The only game that i know from Nexon KR that got shutted down or will shutted down are that Marvel Battle Lines(In Korea i think), Master of Eternity, Dynasty Warrior Unleashed(March 26th this year), & DomiNation(Transferred to Big Huge Games). Just hope that SinoAlice Global that will released god-knows-when being handled by KR not the greedy Global one. And also, R. I. P. Nexon Japan

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Jones Boy


Nexon 😂😂😂😂

Yuwono Satryo Sunjoto


dont believe that f**king nexon haters lol.. this is nexon korea so u will get what u want..

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