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Dragon Wars




tried it and liked it, then after work i authorized my qooapp login and was told my password was incorrect, locking me out of the game. redownloaded this morning, and was disconnected from servers, after being told again my qooapp authorization was incorrect.

they done me wrong. so wrong. moving on. [發怒]

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Rie Ichinose


Graphics: very outdated graphics Sound: is okay Gameplay: plays like FF Tactics Storyline: so-so Value: not worth it Gacha drops shards and SS rarity drop rate is 1% VIP Levels Various power ups -the usual leveling -star up requires shards (10 star max, SS rarity starts 4 star) -rank up requires materials (the usual) -awakening requires another unit of same element (uncaps your character's rank from green+2 to blue, requires same element character green+2, and because characters are F*CKING RARE, this is a shitty way to hinder progress)




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