The Eminence in Shadow RPG | English

The Eminence in Shadow RPG | English

The Eminence in Shadow RPG | English



Бюджетный принцесс коннект, с кучей: багов, лагов, довольно плохой оптимизацией и быстро сажающей батарейку телефона.

Все остальное + -, как и везде.

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The first time I laid eyes upon watching the anime, I already expected this one to have a game adaptation on its own. I mean if you look at the synopsis/trailers alone its already telling you that theres's this one cringe gigachad that is surrounded by multiple females of a harem (+more since apparently they managed to amass an army of them in an island, but that's a story for another time for you to find out), its like its asking to be made into a game. Story-wise its pretty ok, since you'll get new scenes that were not in the anime. Gameplay-wise it's kinda plain for me, its your typical auto-battler rpg. Plus made easier with the simple upgrade equipments specifically given to each of them. The rng elements of the equipment stats are not as demanding when starting out, which is great meaning its beginner-friendly. They also went out with the voices, almost all of them have one (even NPCs). Visuals are also nice, good Live-2D characters and visual novel-style of pacing. Overall I would say its a pretty well-looking game. If you're going in as an anime-watcher its a nice go-to itch for after you're done with the anime and you wanted more.

John Knight


Game is good . Very stingy with in game currency lol. even though its auto combat with an auto setting for skills/combo. That doesn't last long. All units despite rarity are utilized and useful . Majority of units rarity shards are farmable. Awakening shards are harder to get. There is a good amount of strategy to correctly build teams based off of their job and skill sets to even progress in the game . The 1st day or so is pretty easy after that you gotta put your thinking hat on . Its alot of timing needed to progress also. I like it other than the limited currency given and the stamina system .

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