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Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars


Rie Ichinose


Graphics: very outdated graphics
Sound: is okay
Gameplay: plays like FF Tactics
Storyline: so-so
Value: not worth it

Gacha drops shards and SS rarity drop rate is 1%
VIP Levels
Various power ups
-the usual leveling
-star up requires shards (10 star max, SS rarity starts 4 star)
-rank up requires materials (the usual)
-awakening requires another unit of same element (uncaps your character's rank from green+2 to blue, requires same element character green+2, and because characters are F*CKING RARE, this is a shitty way to hinder progress)

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Panumas Nimsomboon


เกมแนว เทริน์เบส ภาพคลาสสิค นึกถึงสมัยเครื่อง PS1 เกม 366mb




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