Punishing: Gray Raven | Japanese

Punishing: Gray Raven | Japanese

Punishing: Gray Raven | Japanese



Si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agardezco de antemano. Anteriormente lo jugue y vincule a twitter sin problemas,ahora no me deja entrar ni como invitado...creo que esta version esta por morir.
P.D...antes de que aparezca alguna cabeza de excremento y me diga "tu dispositivo es una caca,yo soy el mejor y tu apestas,etc,etc,"he jugado la version en ingles sin problemas salvo por bajar la calidad grafica.

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the best f2p friendly still at lv.30 but my gear is alreadt for late game lmfao my lucia:dawn has fully set and also cant wait for global release [哇噻][哇噻] oh and btw for those who want to play i suggest you download vpn to access the game (any vpn will do i use touchvpn and its working 100%!!!)



well the action ,speed and accuracy of this game are very fast, it's feels like I've played Nier automata back again[睡覺] beside that, the bgm is way too much better than i can handle... i would pretty much recommend my friends to play this though

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