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Mahjong Soul | English

Mahjong Soul | English

Mahjong Soul | English



Peeps don't complaint about lack of free currency. If you wanna complaint, go to Hime Mahjong and play it.
At least there's Newbie gift and way to earn freemium which is friendlier than this one xD.

And, you guys might know or might not, but you can go buy gift, donate it until you earn 50 so you can buy the summoning tool. (Kind of a hassle, but at least there's a way)

This game is all about your strategy and luck. If you have good luck, go attack, if it's bad, then fold. Read your opponent dropped tiles and determine safe and unsafe tile with your own judgement. Don't complaint if your luck is sh*tty cause I have even got Yakuman with sh*tty starting tile (Kokushi musou lol)

I know some of you are addicted to chi/pon/kan and there is even some who can't resist calling riichi everytime riichi button appears, but always pay attention to Yaku! without yaku, you can't win and if it's little, your win will be sh*tty. Don't forget about Dora tiles. I see some peeps entirely ignore dora like a king and earn hurtful ron with lots of dora *yikes*

Anyway, if you earn big, you can fold anytime you want. If you on losing, then desperately attack for a chance to win or lose with a pride xD.

In mahjong, even the sh*ttiest luck can win the game forcing peeps with Yakuman to lose.

(Go for Tanyao man)[開心][開心][開心]

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Bintang MeKa


If you're looking for f2p friendly gacha, then this is definitely not it. But if you're looking for a solid online riichi mahjong app with great UI & graphics, in english, and a lot of active players; then this game is for you. The UI is easy to navigate. The matchmaking is fast (usually under a minute). Calling for a tile or declaring riichi is drawing attention but brief enough to not too distracting. The clicking tile sounds is nice. There is a tile set with numbers and wind direction written on the corner of each tile, perfect for beginners and people that can't read the characters. The gacha sucks, but who cares? Why gamble with gacha when you can play Riichi Mahjong? (i still want Nadeshiko tho) I think the tutorial isn't enough for the beginners. If you're a beginner then i recommend learn how to play from somewhere else and then play this if you're ready. I recommend Kemono Mahjong for learning Riichi Mahjong. It has short tutorial but covers the basic mahjong and important things in Riichi Mahjong (dora, riichi, furiten, tenpai, etc). It also has a list of well-explained yakus with illustration. And you can train your skills facing AIs with different tactics and no time limit.



This game is quite good for killing time or for someone who try to learn mahjong. the size is around 900mb. i had been playing this game since first release, it's okay and easy to learn. back then, i didn't even know how to play. [委屈] The tutorial really good at explaining the basic. then i realise that there's a whole lot of "yaku" on the winning hand list and each "yaku" has their own value. [暈] there's a strategy where you pay attention on other player discard pile to predict what "yaku" they made. sometimes i know that "this player had the tile that i need!" or "this player must be need this tile that i have." but most of the time, i just focus on my own hand and hoping to avoid giving tiles that other player want. [開心] The game doesn't have storyline. there are 2 currency that i know : first is the one you get by playing the game, you can use it to buy gift in store to increase bond with the character to unlock certain voice lines and clothes. the second is for gatcha to unlock character, special effect even theme song but it's NOT really affecting the gameplay such as luck, spd, atk, ect.... [鬼臉]

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