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Hime Mahjong | Japanese

Hime Mahjong | Japanese

Hime Mahjong | Japanese



Yay, Bond system is available now! cheers for me!

I recommend this game for any of you who love competitive Riichi Mahjong.

Keep dora if you got it, but be careful when dropping dora or tile beside dora, don't tell me I don't warned you.

Try to get yakuman if possible, if not then go for tanyao xD, after all, a win is a win, even if it was a cheap win.

Don't call chi, pon, or kan if you don't have yaku. You will end up with furiten if you love to call yet don't know the rules.

Don't use Riichi when it was out! Observe and judge whether you need it, since being silent might led you to win than declaring riichi and got your opponent on guard.

Always look at your opponent hand when it drop tile.
(if they drop the end tile for few turn, then expect for them to wait for winning tiles to come)

That's all from me~

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xiemon xie


The tutorial is nice! but no english [汗顏] (maybe because I've learned the basic in other game, so I understand) after tutorial there is demo play with bot too! The best is Mousei + the yakuza are voiced by tomokazu sugita [開心][開心]

春 ヒカル


Modern character design, good random number system, tsumo , yaku, & dora rate is normal. hard for gain yakuman, very challenging.

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