Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis



A great touhou bullethell mobile games out there for sure, with all the bosses from Touhou 6 to Touhou 16, Alice Margatroid (PC-98 era) as extra stage and Mima as phantasm stage. Hoped they can add bosses after touhou 16 too in the future.

Gameplay is quite smooth even in lunatic difficulty and stage design for example stage backgrounds, bosses sprites and bullet pattern/colours were all very well done. Game mechanism wise is very forgiving even for lunatic(maybe just for me?) where players were given 3 lives with each lives have 3 bombs at the start of each battle, not including other resources gain in the middle of the battle and also the continue(s).

BGM wise after listen again and again, still prefer the original version made by ZUN. This game also doesn't need you to pay/watch ads to unlock stages that you want to play, though some boss stages like extra or phantasm you need to reach requirements like clearing previous stage (th 6-16) to unlock it, meaning you need to grind and clear if you want higher challenging content.

Overall, really great experience from playing this game. This game does not say fully follows the original franchise games, but it at least has 90% similarity to it.

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by far the best touhou game! most touhou games are ok, but this one have more variable in character, stages, and even difficulty. fun game to play on for hours or just casually, really reccomended! (no storyline or dialogues, you need to memorize it yourself w)

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