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It's a dynamic strategy game, mixed with character raising and tower defense elements.

+ Solid world and ambiance building.
+ Incredible well-fleshed, balanced and challenging gameplay.
+ No toxic pvp leading to the usual p2w, game is fully pve and you can play and enjoy it at your pace.
+ One of the best "pity" system in a game with lootboxes.
+ Variety of roles and balance in costs means that around 95% of units are quite good and usable without problems, you don't need multiple copies of the same max rarity units to beat even the most challenging maps.
+ Very stable servers with 24/h uptime.
+ Puzzle and challenge maps.
+ Not extremely grindy and time-consuming.

- No easy mode for casuals, and the game is quite hard.
- Story telling seems kinda off, with some questionable decisions and wording, despite having a great world and background.
- Very little stamina and very high stamina cost maps forces you to pay to play if you want faster progress or just leisurely wait for base resources and events.
- No Live 2D in 2020.
- Relatively low amount of premium currency, although this is offset by having less need to use it.
- Not much to do once you beat all maps except wait for event maps and new challenge maps, pretty much like all single player games to be honest...

All in all it's a very good game, specially in comparison with the competition, extremely recommended for players who want a nice strategy game to play in short bursts of time that will keep them engaged and entertained for some tens of minutes, maybe on a car, or waiting for your turn on a hospital.

It's not recommended for those who want to spend 20 hours a day clicking "auto" and grinding resources for what is ultimately a p2w pvp.

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DISCLAIMER [If your unit almost died you can retreat it for recycled points] for those who weren't prepared for the game the trick for rerolling is Play the game until map 01 ---->surrender to avoid wasting time then proceed to claim gift and gacha if you don't like the guaranteed 6 star just overwrite By clear arknights Data then proceed to Google settings--->ads--->reset advertising ID THE good 6 star are (silver ash ,siege and Exusiai). After getting the above don't claim you pre reg 5 star ticket yet. do a 10x roll first for something that you want so your early team spread out better. Because the game punish you for stacking level on one unit and having too much of the same attribute so better make your team diverse so you don't get hardlock at the start Then for the pre register 5 star It offer you 4 operator which is Red project (spamable redeployment=good bait fodder) Silence (fast healer and can accelerate other healer ) Liskarm (tank+stun) Pramanix (high Dmg magic in general) Pick one that you lack after doing the 10x pull because everyone on the list is good T1 Anyway Goodluck on the search and happy hunting P.S game better than girl front line [怪笑]




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