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Illusion Connect | English

Illusion Connect | English

Illusion Connect | English

Ece Akkaya


It was a great game that I truly enjoyed. Sad that it's going to be shutting down. In my opinion, the moment they brought a new rarity which was greater than SSr, both characters and equipments, was the moment I wanted to drop the game. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed playing it casually without worrying about pvp and stuff. It was fun while it lasted.

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Hello am your normal Otaku/anime lover am going to be honest lot of this are mostly true I love this game why you ask? well first beautiful art and cool character design, second PRETTY Waifu ini here #Team Saya And lastly the game sometimes are challenging for example your summen Ann or rotania is hard to get seen there old characters not new one is very hard to get but am enjoying the game (still level 60) but good game and freaking beautiful and hot Waifu!



Another game that gives a lot of rewards. Just do daily for a few min cuz you can skip quest for free and you can earn a lot of tickets for summons.

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