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Sword Master Story | Global

Sword Master Story | Global

Sword Master Story | Global

Ece Akkaya


It's very generous and fun to play.

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This is the first time I have ever tried an auto-battling / idle game. I never understood the appeal of the genre, but this game is so absolutely beautiful and nostalgic to me that I had to give it a go. I have not been disappointed. It is a beautiful little pixel art / anime fantasy RPG. There are mechanics that reward you for playing it actively, but you can also set it to auto and let your party grind for a while while you do something else. It's a great way to play a game while you're busy with another task. The gacha seems fair and good characters rotate through the banner often. I only wish I'd have discovered this hidden gem of a game earlier!



what i love about this game most are the pixelised characters during battle.. i love pixel games so thats cool another factor are the beautiful illustrations art, the designs of the characters very pretty and the fast pace. BUT!! because its fast paced it needs to give you double or triple the energy to keep playing and farming gold, cubes, equipments, shards and exp potions.. those are VERY important cus..here's the down-factor.. IF NOT for those the battles gradually get harder and harder your progress starts slowing down. THE GACHA is good i guess cus even if you dont get 5 or 4 stars characters you'll get good weapons but then again the rate for character apparition is quite low or maybe its just my rotten luck.. The thing i dont like however is the lack of VA :( I'd love hearing japanese voice acting in this and it fitting.. the sound is kind of meh but oh well it all plays within the 'pixel game aesthetic' i guess~

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