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Dolphin Wave

Dolphin Wave

Dolphin Wave



Esta tan mal que hasta el mismo celular me invita a limpiar el cache y ni aun de esa forma sirve....imagino pronto sera otro mas del olvido.

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ドルフィンウェーブ(ドルウェブ)Dolphin Wave Gameplay: https://youtu.be/XKAChtpKxkk



if you want to play a turn based game like 7dsgc and the likes of others this is the one for you i'm using a crappy vivo v2027 but can still play without lagging so not much to comment there for people that can't play the game story:not a native japanese speaker so i skip it and will never be interested in the story even if its in english gacha:first roll guarantee you a UR girl and can reroll if you are not satisfied with the rolls/girls that u get(selena and helly best girl),the rates is decent at 2.000% i think? so goodluck to those that wanna pull for mommy veena. You get 60 gems if 3* a stage on main story and each multi cost 1500 gems so its quite forgiving unlike other games that need 2k or 3k gems for a multi gameplay: can't expect much since its a turn based games and basically higher combat power(overall strength)will move first. For starters,the main quest isn't that hard but it takes time to understand the game if you don't know anything about japanese. Tournament is impossible to win as of now because we can't beat the last boss without another team of UR girls/maxed out girls so probably not gonna play much at that mode for now until i grind enough for max lvl girls sound: don't expect much cause they don't make super nice ost/song like in memento mori. the girls got their own voice but kinda weird to hear it especially when levelling up when they spam that particular line every level lol grinding aspect:down right bad. If u have tried priconne,they share the same style of grinding materials but in dolphin wave,its needed for star up,card exp, character exp,the jet ski exp and limit break. Worst of all is the stamina available for you. At the start you get a lot from levelling up easily but when u reach around lvl 30, there's not much to do about the lack of stamina to use and ton of materials to grind. At least they give us skip ticket so its bearable but still hate the stamina restrictions tho graphic:i didn't touch my settings but the original graphics is okay for the eyes. the ultimate activation is cringy tho especially on veena but can't blame on that especially because its a free game conclusion :good as a leisure games i guess and whenever u wanna see booba,u can always count on the girls p/s: helly got a cute winning animation edit: there's english word there to help you navigate the menu so it helps with the lack of japanese understanding

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