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Exos Heroes

Waffle Boye


I kinda stopped playing it after the 'Massive Update' cause...I don't know what the devs were thinking. Like, they actually thought that the changes they made were in any way good?

The new way to defeat bosses became a 100times harder, cause they became more powerful and very unlikely to be defeated. Like, with your best squad, you'll have a hard time.

Not talking about the graphics, cause that's maybe for me only, but during gameplay and in the lobby, the background and some characters are completely white, which is really unpleasing to look at to say the least..

Well yes, I haven't opened it for weeks now, but I hope when I do I'll get a good vibe and no funky white stuff.

By the way, the story is good so far where I'm at (ch 11 if I remember right) and I guess it'll just get better.
Gacha rates kinda suck now, but I got what I wanted already so I'm good. ^^

You may want to try the game out for yourself first, if you haven't yet, and not believe to any reviews posted. Only maybe the longer ones cause they usually spit actual facts hehe.
Just be aware that if you start now, the stuff you get will not get you anywhere because of the 'massive update'. But good luck anyways! ! [開心]

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Mr. Bayercat


One of the new beasts in the gacha arena, and man! What a mixed bag of feelings! I love it/it's dailies are a chore! The combat is amazing/pvp matches can be so broken they literally become a stalemate! The story and voice acting are pretty outstanding/why didnt they animate any talking, it's weird! So the gacha prices in Exos arent very good. There is a ginger lad who actually did a whale guide on youtube and mentioned which packages are worth it, and he makes a good case for what is an outright ripoff. The big thing I would emphasize is keeping an eye on your achievements. There are so many ways to get xes before paying real cash, and they are totally things you are going to be doing anyway. Probably some of the most stunning waifus collected in one game. I'm talking prime grade future ex-waifu material. Exos Heroes still feels fresh. This means a couple of things. A) New content/charecters are constantly being added, there is a lot to do. B) There are truly some bizarre balancing/game quirks that will hopefully be addressed. Why these two points are so important is the meta for this game is SO volatile, with each week a new character/issue may be changed/fixed and decimate a previous thought unbeatable rotation. It can be crazy frustrating in pvp, which is oddly the funnest puzzle to tackle. Because nothing is quite as funny/infuriating as beating the piss out of people one week, having One new character/FC drop(!), and now you are shit. I haven't seen a whole lot of nerfing, just counter meta characters, and it is really REALLY a fascinating way to go about handling balance. This is one of the best gachas of the year.

FTK Brave


Great game! too bad its in korean only for now, but will rate higher once global comes out!

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