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Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2



I've been playing this game for almost four years and decided to review it.

pros :
- crystals are easy to get
- you can easily get material needed for leveling up the characters, limit breaking them and stuff
- they are quite generous with the events
- the characters are absolutely gorgeous and lovable
- it's not that hard to get the characters you want during their banner (?)
- the skins are beautiful

cons :
- the music is the same and boring thing
- they sexualise many child-looking characters
- it's hard to rank high in the leaderboards as all of the top players are p2w
- it's not easy to upgrade your characters when they are LB1+
- they add many unnecessary game modes
- you can't progress in the campaign unless you reach a certain level
- this isn't really a problem of the game itself, but I've met a ton of online-daters there

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донатная помойка для лошков. мне подходит



I wish the ad was more truthful. I saw some cute girls and sexy looking women, but didnt expect to find half naked girls. It promotes pedophilia considering all the girls are underage. 😕

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