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Tales of the Rays | Japanese

Tales of the Rays | Japanese

Tales of the Rays | Japanese

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A really great game, just like I remember! Would have been perfect if there wasnt the usual stamina system... The game is a lot easier than what I remember(I was having a hard time clearing ch8 in story mode on the global version. XD) I even got 2 of my favorite characters right from the beginning! The only things that bothers me is the lack of up to date tutorials on the internet. 😔 Why cant the devs just use the texts from the global version in this game? Even if its only for the first... chapter, I think its called? That way, those like me, who dunno how to read JP could get used to the menus and we could also understand the tutorials.... I just hope that, this time, the devs wont decide to close the game the moment I formed my dream team! [發怒][發怒]

Sarah T


this game's fall will be its disgustingly long loading times... if you want the real tales of experience then this is reminiscent of tales of the abyss' Ps2 levels of loading times particularly the weapon enhancement screen is already pretty understandably hefty, but I experienced 10 second black screens just to upgrade something and that is really unacceptable. you have to visit this screen A LOT every new event, gacha you roll, team you prepare. it adds up to a lot of wasting time. spirit gear update is really bad imo. game runs painfully slower and it shows. I'd rather the devs take their time fixing the game then giving us more features bc I feel like every new feature is just adding to their problem. June edit: I understand that this is a very ambitious game to begin with, not to mention unprecedented. the latest producer's letter promised an update that hopes to better loading times. I really hope that a significant improvement is to come. I also look forward to tower update.

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