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Neural Cloud | English



Funny it says on Google play the game is not compatible with my phone.. it's hilarious! 😂😂😂 And now, about the game. it's somewhat F2P until chapter 3. Unless you have the best team, levelled to 40, you're screwed. But you can wait for daily log in to to collect idle rewards and lvl your characters,but the game progress is gonna be super slow. Still it's a decent side game. 😊👍

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A solid and relatively friendly game. Character control is limited to initial positioning, a few combat directives (regenerating directive points, selected loadout) and casting ults. It's somewhat of a roguelike (with temporary upgrade pickups per stage in a branching map in most stages) in a usual stamina gatcha, but they avoided many punishing aspects of roguelike by allowing 10(!) resets per stage, 3 resets a floor, being able to exit for only 1 stamina spent. They also avoided a bunch of stam issues like letting you select rewards for stamina cost instead of forcing it all. Character building is still expensive though, although easier than most gatcha due to how their shard/dupe system works. They also have a gear+substat grind endgame which is.... at least their system appears to be on the better side of that but stil.... prepare to mald I suppose. Also, with a stamina system, as usual you're flooded early and I hear somewhat limited later, although available nonlimited challenge content will alleviate that for a while I think. However, the game is entirely PvE at the moment and the friend support system is fairly generous, so a lot can be forgiven.



Neural Cloud Global Gameplay: https://youtu.be/h2lOgYOtSxw

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