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Levistone story

Levistone story


Shiro Mirai Game Hunter


Its English only downside almost all ppl cn
dont forget to click upside down arrow in timeline to see the update of G.M
Good Dungeon crawling game
Pro:Has many jobs skills per each of the 3 classes
Has no stamina system
you can get 5 weekly gacha draws if you join multi dungeon daily
Easy to switch character (you get everything back except exp which only 90percent)
Cons:To much stuff inside cash
You can only join pvp if your cashing if not just click to lose to get weekly reward
The connection not stable
You cant use any other tabs( floating)while playing the game cause it pause it
No reroll

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浮石物語 Levistone Story Gameplay: https://youtu.be/OeI1_HOO1Eg

Dragon Hobo


В целом понравилось. Пиксельная графика, хорошая музыка и роглайк.. Что ещё нужно что бы скоротать вечер .. 😊👍

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