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Destiny Child | Japanese

Destiny Child | Japanese

Destiny Child | Japanese

Kid Kobun


A lot of rinse, wash, repeat. Events are too tightly crammed together, and usually wind up overlapping. Event rewards require way too much time from players, and everything costs Crystals which should feel rewarding to spend on the gacha, not required to play and reset events. Every event always revolves around a lame new gimmick and a new child to counter said gimmick, but the new child is locked behind a gacha banner (RNG). Boss gimmicks overpower the teams you've built unless you are lucky enough to get the new child to deal with the gimmick. And after the event you'll likely never use the child again. The pools for equipment and characters hasn't been updated since launch either, so prepare to get lots of the same stuff I quit playing due to Line and Stairs' constant greed and BS drop rates. Oh, and they hold limited skin drops to chests that have a very low chance to appear after event battles...and the skin has like a 0.00001% of even being in the chest. Game sucks.

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The gameplay is a bit boring but the Live2D and character designs are awesome.



I play on JP server only since it is first released, trust me it is more than just sexy girls and stuff xD There are 3 main events that cycle through each other, Ragna Break, World Boss and Narrative Dungeon. And there are some rare events such as Kiwami Underground, Race, you can say they are more rewarding than others since they are Rare. They are not newbie friendly events, and World Boss event is pretty hard for beginners too. Anyways you can try see if you will like it or not, don't just read negative comments, you can also join the international Discord server, I am active in JP section, we even have translation mods and such. One more thing, you can play JP version on PC (not with emulator) JP has a PC version too, other regions don't have it. See ya all in the dc server ;)

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