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Bravely Archive

John Ellis


I tried to play this game. But, there's bugs in the game. And it was network error. Thats not right.

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Yonas Widhiyanto


it's ok but so many bugs... 1. BGM often gone when battle start / end 2. when the game crashed then continue battle, u won't get any loots / exp / pg after completing stage 3. when equip evolve to 4*, sometimes it unequip by itself & when u tried to reequip there will be pop up "bla bla bla equipped by other char" them back to title screen 4. when u queue to much ulti skill the game will crashed i hope they fix this bugs since it's annoying

Perry Teo


I got 3 five stars and tons of four stars with 2 multiple draws. fun game with decent progression. energy refill is a little slow though

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