Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Mác Lê


There are two very dangerous things to kill a game. It is false dvertising and greed.
Because this game has nothing special to talk about other than butts shaking but it is censored so you can only see, coat and hair cover all butts, no butts for you to see as them said on twitter "no censorship" it's a cheap lie to attract players, and what they achieve is the player's trust at the bottom of the well. Along with a bunch of bugs that will follow you day and night, causing even the most patient to give up. I have to say the difficulty in this game is the most ridiculous and stupid thing the development team does well. On the same map, two enemies stand next to each other, but one is destroyed in 20 seconds and the other is 3 days later I still can't win, even though my team level is 80. And that's the difficulty for Chapter 7, these are the beginning chapters, it should have a relative difficulty for players to get used to the game, and on Hard difficulty, they should change the name to "ridiculous" or "quit game". So far I still haven't finished Hard chapter 1 with level 80 squad. Is the game development team making a joke or do they not want anyone to play their game anymore? Or do they think players will spend money to get through the ridiculous difficulty wall they put up. So I'm going to tell those who have the idea to play for free to forget about this game, because I'm stuck on chapter 7 and can't see the way out.

Greed is as bottomless as Doraemon's pocket. In addition to creating difficulty, Tom Cruise had to say " is this game impossible ?" to force players to recharge to upgrade. Then gacha is a combination of deception and greed. Banner Helm (new character) has a drop rate of 2%, which means 100 times gacha will give me 2 Helms right? i gacha 120 times and no Helm. Should I give up on Helm or this game? And the price for each 10 gacha is 3k Gems, 6200k games cost 100 usd, that means each 10 gacha cost 50 usd, Final fantasy 7 remake costs 60 usd, are you kidding me dev team . 10 gacha costs the price of an AAA game. In the end, it takes 200 gachas for you to exchange for Helm if you are unlucky. You know, Azurlane also has to gacha 200 times to get the Ultra Rare, UR is something extremely special, not an SSR, which is okay to have, or it doesn't matter without it. The items in the shop are extremely expensive but the benefit you get from it is very little. Most other games sell Mission pass for 10-15 usd, but this game is 25 usd. And to level up in the mission pass, you must complete a series of Tom Cruise's missions. And after 9 days of phenomenal effort with this game (something a mobile game shouldn't force players to do) I've reached level 7/15, and I'm stuck at a lucky 7, this means if i spend 25 usd on mission pass i can only get half of the reward,and the last reward (one SSR ) is unreachable so why should i spend 25usd on something i can not be achieved.. Finally, Gem, it is divided into 2 types, Charge and Free, really dev? it's 2022 now, no developers do that anymore, do you know why? because players hate it. There are so many good things on this earth, you pick the thing people hate the most and bring it into your game, well done dev, well done.
In short, do good gameplay, no bugs, the game is easier to play so players can breathe, then they can stay with your game or recommend it to their friends. for more new players. Then think about the player's pickpocketing, but they don't scream "greedy - liar" and vote 2 stars for your game. Finally, the free player, delete the game and play another game, here is no butt for you, but there is a very high cash wall. [no]

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Zen Kisaragi


If I were to describe this game, it'll be akin to a very polished and beautiful jewel that unfortunately stuck on a ring wore by a morbidly obese, greedy ugly bastard. (Updated as of 17/11/2022 - After event's Hard Mode release) Positive: 1. Fabulous graphic 2. Fantastic character design and art. 3. Smooth and fun gameplay; difficulty is just right. 4. JP VAs are superb as usual 5. Great sound design. 6. Intuisive UI. 7. Many ways to get SSR; friend points roll has 2% chance of yielding an SSR. 8. Good writing and interesting plot; I've played half-way through chapter 6, and the story is just getting better. Negative: 1. They lied about the 110 pulls. Those "110 pulls" are what you can get by playing THROUGHOUT the game, not launch event. 2. Extremely dilluted SSR pool; there are over 40 SSRs in this game, compared to less than 20 SR and Rs. Most of these "SSRs" should've not been SSR at all. If you're wondering, the real SSRs are the Pilgrims. 3. Horrendous launch rewards; No SSR selector, only 20 pulls, and no free SSR (Diesel is one of those SSR who should've been SR, and no, the tutorial pull doesn't count) are just horribly underwhelming. 4. No pity; yes, you got that right. It's almost 2023 and this game has no pity. The 200 pulls for mileage is just for Body Parts, YOU WON'T GET THE UNIT BUT THE DUPES. (edit: there are two mileage currency; silver and golden mileage. Silver is for regular summon from the normal banner, while golden is from summoning from the rate-up banner. Regular summon ticket can't be used on the rate-up banner, so there's no use saving them. The rate-up banner has a seperate summon tickets which, fortunately, can be brought with free gems. Silver mileage can only be used for Body Parts, while golden is exclusive to the rate-up character. Also yes, the golden mileage carries over each banner, so there you go, we do have a pity system afterall.) 5. Downright predatory monetization; everything is expensive. I don't know, maybe I'm just poor, but I'm not spending $40 for an SSR. The $20 battlepass only gives you a "20% chance-SSR ticket", a "60% chance-SSR ticket", 20 pulls, and a skin. Oh, did I mentioned any paid packs other than the monthly pass and the usual top-up pack only gives you FREE gems? That's right, it doesn't count as a PAID gems. 6. Peanuts compensation for maintenance and bugs; It took 300 gems for a single pull, while they gives 100 gems for bugs and 300 for maintenance. 7. Breadcrumbs in-game rewards; A chapter clear gives you 50 gems, an outpost level-up gives 100, and player level-up is 30... clearing a sub quest ranges from 50 to 150, completing a character episode yields 50 gems... 8. No daily login rewards; you read that right, this game has NO permanent login rewards (daily, weekly, monthly). 9. Weekly mission is almost impossible to complete; we need 100 points to get the 300 gems (1 summon) from weekly, but the problem is the maximum point we can get from the mission is 120, of which 40 of those points are get by completing (a) 20 summon, and (b) limit break a nikke. Right now our gems income is NOWHERE near enough to warrant 20 summons a week, so we have to rely on the friend points summon, but the problem is if we get a maximum of 30 FP a day for a week, that's 210 FP which yields 21 summon.. yes, that is if all 30 of your friends are actively sending back points to you.. so you're forced to curate your friend list everyday... what kind of fked up system is this?! 10. Your team unit stats are reduced to 25% if you do not meet the required stage power; for example if a stage has power requirements of 1000 and your squad only has 999, you'll be getting your overall stats reduced by 25% up to a whooping 75% according to how much deficit your squad power has against the requirement, resulting in less outgoing damage and more incoming damage taken. Absolutely scummy and lazy "balancing". 11. The game's first ever event, "No Caller ID", is a circus designed for whales. a) First red flag: Unlike the traditional "event currencies" in other gacha games that has guaranteed drop from the event stages, you need specific characters for a CHANCE to get said currency, PLUS the currency is limited to a maximum of 50/stage (the lowest item price in the event shop is 10.000 Credits which cost 40 event currency). b) Second red flag: The entry for playing the event stage is limited to FIVE per-day. Additional entry can be bought with gems at the event shop. c) Third red flag: Even if you're playing religiously, you still can't clear the event shop WITHOUT clearing the Hard Mode, so clearing the Hard Mode is MANDATORY because the event currency's income from the event stage is just THAT low. That's why you're relying on the Mission rewards, which needs you to clear the Hard Mode. d) Fourth, and the biggest red flag: The event's Hard Mode can only be cleared by whales. Yes, the power requirement's jump is ridiculous. The last stage has a power requirement of 46.000 -which is absolutely unreachable by F2Ps with two-weeks of playing. I'm a D1 player, with some $ dropped which I absolutely regret doing so, account level 62 and a squad power of 33k. I know that the majority of D1 F2Ps right now are pushing through the 20k's, so the bell curve is clear as day where most people stand on the power curve. Yet they still made their first ever event completely unclearable by MOST of their playerbase. Event on Discord, whales are complaining that they're struggling with the event. Who tf designed this event?? You want to see how a game dies? Because this is how you kill a game! (edit: They nerfed the event's Hard Mode difficulty, now it's 27.900 for the last stage instead of 46.000. Alright, at least there's indication that they're listening to feedbacks, so there's still hope. Devs dodged a bullet right there) Conclusion: With the way they run things, this game would become irrelevant in a few months. It's not going to die, but it's not going to live either. I was prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on this game until I saw the cash shop. How disappointing.



You can feel the predatory scheme around the game. It's grindy af and the difficulty spikes up way to fast at the beginning while new players still get the feel of the Nikke and which nikke they want to invest in(trying to gacha and get the one they want). There are WAY too many SSR compared to SR and some of those SSR are not worthy of the rarity and the pick up rate. AND they had the audacity to make the rate of pilgrim Nikkes(the units worthy of being called SSR) lower compared to other units in the SSR pool knowing they are the some of the best units in the game as of now. Limit Break. The act of feeding duplicates to a Nikke. SR can limit break 2 times reaching lvl 160 while SSR can limit break 3 times reaching lvl 200. Good luck trying to limit break your SSR with that huge roster in the pool. You will probably be stuck limit breaking and leveling up SR units like me AND THEN synchronizing the SR lvl to the SSR so they can get past lvl 80(the lvl cap of SSR with no limit break), and that too is limited to 5 units to synchronize. They will give you 15 slots if you do the classroom grind. But if you want to synchronize more Nikke then tough luck! You have to pay 500 gems per slot. BATTLEPASS. expensive af and not rewarding enough. As other reviewers have mentioned, the weekly mission needs 100 points to fully complete and the max you can get is 120 points, 2 missions are worth 20 points while others 10 points. The problem is these 2 missions are not f2p/user friendly: 1 mission requires players to limit break a character(giving character a dupe) which is unrealistic since you have to pull dupes and you will eventually reach the limit. And the other mission is to do 20 PULLS worth 6000 gems while the weekly rewards are 300 gems and 1 recruit voucher which is worth 2 pulls total. Edited at Nov 11: You can use friendship points to pull instead of gems, BUT that is another can of worms that another reviewer have explained. Lastly the game is still plaqued by bugs. there are bugs at the character bonding screen where players that have unlocked the 2nd story or more have to replay the 1st one again and get error message only to be booted again on the home screen. Harmony cube screen also softlock players and the only way to fix it is to close the game. Edited at Nov 11: after a few fix here and there they managed to fix some problem while creating another problem. The devs feel unprepared or incompetent. One step forward and two steps back. Edited at Dec 8: they fixed the previous bug only to have stuttering and graphic problems. Either the devs are incompetent or this game has spaghetti code. Absolutely idiotic. Check nikke reddit and nikke.gg for reference. F**king game man.. There are also suspicion of the devs messing with the pull rates, since there is a confirmed court case with Destiny Child, another game of theirs. They fixed the shop bug instantly but still haven't fixed MANY MANY bugs littered through the whole game. Scummy af. tldr; Conclusion: feels like a overhyped and undercooked game with good graphics but simple/halfassed gameplay and predatory practices all over the game(not f2p friendly too). The devs are incompetent and the publisher is greedy af. At least the story, music, and JP voice acting are good. This game needed at least 1 more year before it released.

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