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Jonathan Lei


Basic rhythm game with the usual taps, holds, and swipe. Song selection is great and difficulty is there for veteran rhythm players.

The twist behind this game are the color notes where the player has to switch the background color to match the note color. These switches are on the left and right side of the screen where the player has to alternate between red, blue, green, and yellow. Not matching the note color will result in color GREAT score compared to a PERFECT score.

Great game to get into. UI is a bit outdated and option settings are in Japanese, but looking forward to see future updates.

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A new rhythm game is on the mix! The expected gaming experience aside, the backstory in itself is pretty good— have fun unlocking them! For the gameplay, I have both a lot and a few to say. The tracks are superb, the sound quality is pretty much up to par, but I can't say so with the game mechanics itself. It has the basics of what rhythm games offer— the slides and flicks, you name it— but there are some problems. That small problem is about the track and the notes to hit are not in sync, even if you calibrate it before playing. No matter how I calibrate it, the fine-tuning does not really reflect much in the actual gameplay. I hope they will get this fixed and offer more tracks in the coming patches and updates. Don't worry about the "difficulty", it will satisfy you until you're cramping. For now, this game is eligible for rhythm players to try. Have fun with the music!



Gameplay : https://youtu.be/YfET8XXj1pk

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